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Vista MultiPost Collar

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$165.00 / $165.00

The Vista® MultiPost Collar is the latest addition to Aspen’s award-winning Vista Cervical Collars. This new fully adjustable collar with pivoting occipital panels adds an extra level of support for greater motion restriction. Like the original Vista Collar, the Vista MultiPost Collar is one size adjustable, virtually eliminating waste associated with collar sizing errors. It also features Aspen’s proven cotton-lined pads designed to enhance skin care by reducing patient contact points in the occipital area.

 Common Example of use

  • Immobilization of Cervical Spine

Product Features

  • Designed to reduced patient contact on occipital midline helps limit pressure point and heat buildup in  danger areas for skin breakdown.
  • Self-adjust to cradle all head shapes for increased support and maximun confort.
  • Height adjustment technology allow clinicians to effectively fit various anatomies and multiple conditions.
  • For increased motion restriction and to support the progression of care, the Vista CTO and Vista CTO4 attach easily to the Vista Multipost Collar.

Part Number

Part  #       Description

984200    Vista Multipost Collar
984202    Vista Multipost Collar Set with replacement pads
984220    Vista MultiPost replacement pads

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