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Vista ICU Back Panel

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The Vista® ICU Back Panel is designed specifically for patients at risk of occipital breakdown due to extended periods lying supine and easily attaches to the Vista® Cervical Collar. Inspired by the needs of ICU nurses, the Vista ICU Back Panel incorporates a unique height extension constructed of dual density foam that eliminates bed sheer during patient movement and repositioning. The first level of foam cradles the patient’s head for maximum pressure distribution, while the second firmer layer provides added support and structure. Like all Aspen collar pads, the Vista ICU Back Panel is cotton-lined to wick moisture away from patient’s skin. The Vista ICU Back Panel provides the same superior motion restriction as the standard Vista Back Panel.

Common Example of use

  • Immobilization of cervical spine

Product Features

  • Extended Back Panel Height prevents bed sheer when rotating or repositioning patients.
  • Open design promotes airflow for ventilation without sacrificing support.
  • Low density while ether foam cradles patient’s head for maximun pressure distribution.
  • Back panel extension can be removed once patient becomes ambulatory.
  • The Vista ICU Back Panel  is designed to disperse pressure, reducing the possibility of skin breakdown.

Part Number

Part  #      Description

984600   Vista ICU Back Panel

984620   Vista ICU Back Panel Replacement pad

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