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Vista 464 TLSO

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$500.00 / $500.00

The Vista® 464 TLSO offers patients support within the thoracolumbar spine, providing a versatile system that accommodates appropriate motion restriction throughout the healing process. The three shoulder strap configurations and height adjustment technology accommodates all body styles for an effective and comfortable fit. The Vista® 464 TLSO is one size adjustable, and can be stepped down to the other three Vista® Lower Spine configurations.

Common Example of use

  • immobilization of cervical spine

Product Features

  • Wound Window. An opening at the lumbar spine provides visibility to the site of incision, while applying no pressure to the wound.
  • SlickTrack™ Rotating Wheel Tightening System. Provides effective compression for superior patient outcomes, regardless of patient strength.
  • Sure Slot System
    Allows one product to comfortably fit waists ranging from 26” – 60”, without compromising effectiveness and without the need for tools.
  • Easily Stepped Down
    As the patient improves, the product is easily downgraded to the Vista 637 LSO, Vista 631 LSO Lo Pro and the Vista 627 Lumbar.
  • Height Adjustment Technology
    Without using tools, the TLSO adjusts for patients ranging in height from 4’8” to 6’8”.

Part Number

Part#     Description

993640   Vista 464 TLSO

993645    Vista 464 TLSO Upgrade kit

993405    Vista Lower spine extension Panel

990005    Therapy Pack

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