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Horizon 627 Lumbar

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$220.00 / $220.00

Horizon 627 Lumbar. With the lowest profile design of all Horizon™ coded products, the Horizon 627 Lumbar provides excellent support and pain relief. Utilizing the widely praised SlickTrack™ tightening system, the Horizon 627 creates the needed circumferential compression proven to increase trunk stability and relieve targeted pain for patients recovering from surgery or injury. The Horizon 627 is one-size adjustable and comfortably fits waists from 24-70 inches. Like all Horizon braces, the Horizon 627 Lumbar can be stepped down to the Horizon PRO (Pain Relief Orthosis) for treatment of recurring back pain.

Common Example of use

  • Immobilization of cervical spine

Product Features

  • Stability and Comfort. Breathable mesh spacer fabric for increased comfort.
  • Integrated Anterior Panel. On each end of the brace guarantees effective mid-line  support.
  • Reliable Structural Integrity.Tri-band technology system and integrated vertical stays provide stability  and maintain structural integrity for effective compression and flexibility.
  • Embroidered Size Indicators. Easy to fit  and adjust sizes. Use indicator reference to quickly match up to waist measurements or pant sizes.

Part number

Part  #     Description

993710    Horizon 627 Lumbar

990005   Therapy Pack

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