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Horizon 456 TLSO

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The Horizon™ 456 is designed to provide motion restriction, creating a dynamic environment for healing within the thoracolumbar and lumbar spine. Comfortable and easy to don and doff, the Horizon 456 improves patient compliance. The Horizon 456 was designed specifically to target patients with indications that have historically been a challenge to treat such as compression fractures, burst fractures and hyper-kyphosis. The Horizon 456 is one-size adjustable and comfortably fits waists from 24-70 inches. Like all Horizon braces, the Horizon 456 TLSO can be stepped down to the Horizon PRO (Pain Relief Orthosis) for treatment of recurring back pain.

Common Example of use

  • Immobilization of cervical spine

Product Features

  • A Height for Every Body. Telescoping shoulder straps provide 13 inches of height adjustment to effectively fit even the tallest patients.
  • Integrated Anterior Panel. An anterior panel on each end of the brace guarantees effective mid-line support.
  • Open Shoulder Straps Configuration. MemoryFlex open configuration shoulder straps make donning and doffing easy while providing optimal flexion and rotational control.
  • Ergonomically Designed Molded Pull Tabs. Easy to locate by feel and designed for a comfortable pull. Bonded and stitched material increases strenght and durability.

Part Number

Part #     Description

993740  Horizon 456 TLSO

990005 Therapy Pack ( Hot/Cold)

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