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Aspen TLSO

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$500.00 / $500.00

The Aspen® Lumbosacral Bracing System™ provides superior motion restriction, increased comfort, and better patient outcomes. A complete set consists of four LSO sizes and three TLSO upgrade kits.

Common Example of use

  • Immobilization of cervical spine

Product Features

  • Modular Design. The modular design of the Aspen® Lumbosacral Bracing System™ lets you progressively tailor the amount of motion restriction to the changing needs of each patient. By removing the shoulder straps, torso control straps, or the padded chest panel, the system can be “stepped down” to parallel the overall progress of the patient.
  • Rigid Layered Support. Forms a structurally rigd polyethylene cylinder that restricts motion, yet is easy to trim or shape while on the patient.
  • Easy LeverLatch™ Closure. Gives the patient a strong mechanical advantage to easily and effectively tighten the orthosis for better immobilization and pain relief.
  • Torso Control Straps. Further limit flexion and rotation by linking the padded chest panel to a second location on the back brace.
  • VectorPoint™ Chest Panel. Adjusts to the height and profile of each patient. This padded chest panel anchors the front and back of the brace to an anterior vector point in teh upper thoracic region
  • CushionFlex Tabs™. Soften the edges of the orthosis. Can be cut to further splay outward or trimmed back for better comfort.

Part Number

Part#         Description

991030   Aspen TLSO Short/Small

991031     Aspen TLSO Short/Large

991070   Aspen TLSO Tall/Small

991071     Aspen TLSO Tall/Large

991053    Aspen TLSO Extra Short Upgrade Kit

991051     Aspen TLSO Short Upgrade Kit

991050   Aspen TLSO Tall Upgrade Kit

991035    Short/Small Replacement Pads

991036    Short/Large Replacement Pads

991075    Tall/Small Replacement Pads

991076    Tall/Large Replacement Pads

990075   Filler Pad Set

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