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Aspen LSO

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Effective spinal bracing is a critical component of pain relief, functional mobility, and post surgical stabilization. The Aspen® Lumbosacral Bracing System™ offers the practitioner multiple orthotic options that provide a high degree of immobilization, unparalleled comfort, and the ability to self-adjust to patients . . . even if they gain or lose weight. It combines the motion restriction of a custom fabricated orthosis with a dramatic improvement in comfort for better patient outcomes.

Common Example of use

  • Immobilization of cervical spine

Product Features

  • Large Lumbar Window. Offers unobstructed vision and physical access for better patient care. Provides maximum airflow for improved comfort.
  • Aluminum Rods. Reinforce spinal support and allow formation of patient specific curves for unsurpassed performance.
  • SureSlot™ Adjustment System. Provides a wide range of circumferential sizes, which can be changed in seconds. Ensures a good fit with only four models regardless of the patient’s physique.
  • Rigid Layered Support. Forms a structurally rigid polyethylene cylinder that restricts motion, yet is easy to trim or shape while on the patient.
  • Easy LeverLatch™ Closure. Gives the patient a strong mechanical advantage to easily and effectively tighten the orthosis for better immobilization and pain relief.

Part Number

Part #      Description

990040  Short/Small Aspen LSO

990041   Short/Large Aspen LSO

990060 Tall/Small Aspen LSO

990061   Tall/Large Aspen LSO

990045  Short/Small Replacement Pads

990046  Short/Large Replacement Pads

990065  Tall/Small Replacement Pads

990066  Tall/Large Replacement Pads

990075   Filler Pad Set


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