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Aspen LSO LoPro

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$330.00 / $330.00

The Aspen® “Low Profile” LSO provides immediate pain relief and comfortable support. When firmly tightened, using the LeverLatch mechanism, the brace allows patients to regain a significant degree of functional mobility and, in many cases, return to routine activities of daily living. The unique, three-piece design, featuring symmetrical side panels allows patients to tighten the brace with either hand and provides even compression throughout the tightening process.

Common Example of use

  • Immobilization of cervical spine

Product Features

  • Aluminum Rods. Reinforce spinal support and allow formation of patient specific curves for unsurpassed performance.
  • Large Lumbar Window. Offers unobstructed vision and physical access for better patient care. Provides maximum airflow for improved comfort.
  • CushionFlex Tabs. Soften the edges of the orthosis. Can be cut to further splay outward or trimmed back for better comfort
  • Rigid Layered Support. Forms a structurally rigid polyethylene cylinder that restricts motion, yet is easy to trim or shape while on the patient.
  • Customized Comfort. Aspen® braces conform, and automatically adjust themselves, to each patient as they are tightened. The CushionFlex Tabs™ and breathable cotton-lined replacement pads further soften the interface. The brace essentially becomes a part of the patient, thereby minimizing migration. For even more comfort, the upper and lower edges can be modified to relieve pressure over anatomical contours, bony prominence, or bone graft sites.

Part Number

Part #       Description

990020 Small Aspen LSO LoPro

990021   Large Aspen LSO LoPro

990022  X-Large Aspen LSO LoPro

990025  Small Replacement Pads

990026  Large Replacement Pads

990027  X-Large Replacement Pads

990075  Filler Pad Set

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