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Aspen Cervical Collar

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$54.00 / $54.00

Aspen Cervical Collars were designed to optimize support and comfort, two key components for better patient outcomes. The structure of the collar was engineered to provide substantial motion restriction without producing painful pressure points that can lead to skin breakdown or poor patient compliance. For the ultimate in comfort, all contact surfaces of the collar are cushioned with cotton-lined, breathable foam padding.

Common Example of use

  • Immobilization of cervical spine

Product Features

  • Effective motion restriction
  • Minimize skin breakdown
  • Better patient outcome

Part Number

Part #       Description

983108   Aspen Cervical Collar Short

983110    Aspen Cervical Collar Regular

983112     Aspen Cervical Collar Tall

983114    Aspen Cervical Collar X-Tall

Replacement pads

Part #     Description

985139  Aspen replacement pads (w/STD Back)

983161   Aspen back panel replacement pad small

983163  Aspen standartd back panel replacement pad

983165  Aspen back panel replacement pad large

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