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Integrity Fracture Walker STD

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$70.00 / $70.00

The Integrity Fracture Walker offers support and comfort for the lower leg, but in an economical walker boot. The walking boot comes in both tall and short versions, pneumatic and non-pneumatic and is offered in fives sizes XS-XL. Replacement liners are available for all sizes and types.

Customized Comfort

  • Air bladder helps massage away edema during ambulation
  • Low heel height allows for normal gait
  • Energy absorption heel minimizes heel strike forces

Optimized Fit

  • Patient can customize through all phases of healing
  • Available in low-top sizes

Maximized Stability

  • Air bladder, rigid uprights, and circumferential strapping encapsulate the extremity
  • Adjustable D-ring allows for variable positioning

Part Number

Part #                Description

100001-010 Integrity Fracture Tall  X-Small

100001-020 Integrity Fracture Tall Small

100001-030 Integrity Fracture Tall Medium

100001-040 Integrity Fracture Tall Large

100001-050 Integrity Fracture Tall  X-Large

100003-010 Integrity Fracture Short X-Small

100003-020 Integrity Fracture Short Small

100003-030 Integrity Fracture Short Medium

100003-040 Integrity Fracture Short Large

100003-050 Integrity Fracture Short X- Large

Product Accessories

Part  #                Description

100005-010 Replacement Liner Tall X-Small

100005-020 Replacement Liner Tall Small

100005-030 Replacement Liner Tall Medium

100005-040 Replacement Liner Tall Large

100005-050 Replacement Liner Tall  X-Large

100007-010 Replacement Liner Short X-Small

100007-020 Replacement Liner Short Small

100007-030 Replacement Liner Short Medium

100007-040 Replacement Liner Short Large

100007-050 Replacement Liner Short  X-Large

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