With innovative products that correct and improve spinal conditions.
Surgical has products to help with pain treatment and allow patients to enjoy better quality of life
The latest technology for internal monitoring in an operating room environment
Advanced sensors • real-time monitoring • detailed testing protocols
ITS innovates, designs and commercializes implantable devices and associated instrumentation for fracture fixation.
Orthopedic Bracing technology for back, neck and other needs
Surgical Solutions

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    At Surgical Solutions, we see ourselves as part of each patient’s support team as they start the process of regaining their health. Consider us the team responsible for providing the perfect surgical implants, the exact required equipment or the special accessory that will turn any surgery into a success story.

    We believe in the potential of technology as a tool for creating a better world. Our pledge is to be part of that world by putting advanced technology –from implants and operating room equipment to surgical instruments and accessories– at the service of each one of our patients’ wellbeing.

    Surgical Solutions’ headquarters are located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, but our representatives cover all Puerto Rico. Click here for a map to our main office; or go to Contact Us to get in touch with our representatives.

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    We cover all phases of effective bone regeneration, with specialized products for the osteoinductive, osteoconductive and osteogenic stages. In addition, we manage a FDA-registered tissue bank, with both freeze-dried and fresh-frozen tissue inventory.

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    Advanced sensors, real-time monitoring and detailed testing protocols are used to avoid surgical complications and keep surgeons informed about all processes going on during surgery.

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    From minimally invasive equipments to deformity correction, our products help with pain treatment and allow patients to enjoy a better quality of life, with increased chances of a better recovery.

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    Our store carries a wide range of sports medicine bracing equipment and accessories for patient rehabilitation and post-op care.

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